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Puppies raised with love

All of our puppies are lovingly raised in our family home, located in New River, Arizona. We have a climate controlled puppy nursery, designed with high traction flooring that is easily sanitized, 24/7 video monitoring, a full size grooming tub and table, as well as a private outdoor puppy yard that they can explore with supervision and when the weather permits. 

Our program is heavily influenced by the Service Dog Curriculum designed by "Badass Breeder", Jeanette Forrey. Our curriculum includes exposure to new sights, sounds, scents, textures, and experiences during their critical socialization period. We also socialize every puppy with adults, children, and other animals. This curriculum helps puppies to be confident and resilient!

At 2 weeks of age, we begin daily handling exercises to desensitize puppies to their face, eyes, mouth, ears, paws, and body being touched. As most of our puppies will require extensive grooming through out their lives, we also desensitize our puppies to the sounds, sensations, and experience of grooming including nail trims, baths, blow drying, brushing, and sanitary trims. 

By 3 weeks of age, we introduce the "litter box" to our puppies. Puppies have a natural instinct to not eliminate where they sleep, so we split the whelping box into a potty area and a sleep or play section. Our litter boxes consist of large plastic trays lined with pee pads and pine or paper pellets covered by metal grates. This method often helps to hasten success of potty training in their new homes! 

Around 5  to 6 weeks, we start crate training our puppies individually or in pairs for short periods during the day. This helps smooth the transition to crate training in their new homes. For pups that we know are traveling to their new family, we also introduce  a soft sided travel carrier prior to go home. 

Puppies are formally temperament tested at 7 weeks of age by a professional dog trainer. The temperament testing assesses for energy level, confidence, motivation, toy/prey drive, assertiveness, resiliency, sight/sound sensitivity, touch tolerance and human focus. Knowing these traits allows us to honor each puppy's unique needs and match each puppy's temperament to their family's lifestyle. This system empowers families to choose the best puppy for them based on ALL of their attributes, including temperament, coat type, estimated size, not just their appearance. 

Our puppy buying process is easy!



Once you fill out our short application, we will set up a time to discuss which upcoming litter or available puppy best suits your preferences. I am available via phone, email, or text message. We can also Zoom or Facetime so that you can see our home and where the puppies are raised. We do not allow visitors prior to Pick Day. 



Once you have selected the litter or puppy that is right for you, you will sign our Reservation List Contract via Docusign, and submit the Reservation List Fee ($500) via Zelle. If you are reserving a spot for a litter, you'll be assigned a number for Pick Day. Puppies over 7 weeks are reserved individually.


Reservation List Fees are non-refundable, but can be transferred to future litter. 



Pick Day is at 7 weeks so that all of the puppies are temperament tested. Puppies are chosen in order of Pick Number. Pick Day is hosted in our home, but if you are unable to attend in person, we can Zoom or Facetime. You will have one hour to meet the available puppies and pick your puppy before the next family arrives for their selection.  

Cactus Plant

The average price for one of our doodle puppies is $3,500 

  • We accept Cash, Zelle, or payment via Good Dog ONLY. No other forms of payment accepted. 

  • Therapy or Service Dog Prospects are the same price, but will be given higher pick priority (when available) at no additional charge due to the importance of temperament traits. 

  • Breeding rights, when available, are an additional $1,000 - $2,000. 

  • We do offer a $500 discount for repeat clients!

Price includes:

  • Purchase Agreement with a 2 year Health Guarantee!

  • If applicable, your puppy's individual EMBARK DNA test results, which confirms their breed(s), tests for 250+ genetic diseases, estimates adult size & predicts coat type!

  • Age appropriate vaccines and broad spectrum deworming.

  • Microchip with lifetime registration (no hidden fees). 

  • Free 30 minute training consult with Neuro Dog Training.

  • Free 30 day Trupanion Insurance policy. 

  • Go home bag with puppy food, educational resources, as well as grooming & training supplies, toys, & more!

What makes Sonoran Standard different?

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