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Golden Mountain Dog Female

Black & Tan (Phantom Abstract)
Height: 22.5"

Weight: 70lb

Health Testing:

  • DNA CLEAR via Embark

  • DNA Clear for DM SOD1b via Paw Print Genetics

  • PennHIP ( R = 0.44 | L = 0.41)​

  • OFA Hip Prelims Fair

  • OFA Elbow prelims Normal

  • OFA Eyes Normal

  • OFA Cardiac Normal

  • OFA Patellas Normal

  • OFA Dentition Full 

Additional Testing:

  • Color/Coat Traits - unfurnished, straight coat,
    carries red and irish spotting
    (Ee kyky atat BB Ssi IC/IC -/-, 1 copy low shed)

  • COI 1%


We hit the jackpot with this girl! Vegas is 1/2 Bernese Mountain Dog and 1/2 Golden Retriever. She is lower energy, sweet natured, highly human focused, has the cutest smile, and likes to give hugs. She has an unfurnished coat that does shed but can produce low shedding Golden Mountain Doodle puppies when bred to a fully furnished stud. Vegas lives in a Guardian Home in the valley.

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