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Poodle & Doodle Stud Services in Arizona

Mando, Tormund, & Dax are our active studs available for service to approved females from outside programs. 


  • Live Cover (requires recent Brucellosis test)

  • Side by Side Artificial Insemination 

  • Fresh Chilled Extended Overnight Shipment  

Stud fee includes a Pregnancy Guarantee so that if the female does not have at least two puppies born alive, a Repeat Breeding on her next cycle will be provided at no additional cost (AI fees & shipping not included). 


Next Steps:

1. Fill out our Stud Inquiry to receive our convenient stud information packet and a quote of fees! 

2. Place $100 deposit to book stud service AFTER your dam starts her cycle. 

3. Sign our Stud Service Contract via Docusign (no printing required).

4. Pay remainder of fees via Cash or Zelle prior to breeding(s). 

5. Send us photos when your beautiful puppies are born!

Stud Services Inquiry 
Which stud are you interested in using?
Are you planning to use Progesterone testing for timing of breedings?
Type of Stud Service
Will you brucellosis test? REQUIRED for live cover only.

Let's make some pretty puppies!

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