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F1 Bernedoodle 


Height: 23.5"

Weight: 55lb 

Health Testing:

  • DNA CLEAR via Embark

  • SOD1B DM Clear via Paw Print

  • PennHIP (L = 0.46, R = 0.53)

  • OFA hip prelims rated Good

  • OFA elbow prelims Normal

  • OFA basic cardiac Normal 

  • OFA Patellas Normal 

  • OFA Eyes Normal 

Additional Testing:

  • Color Panel/Coat Traits Tested Embark - furnished, wavy coat, carries brown, red, and parti  
    (Ee kyky atat Bb Ssp F/IC +/-  8/10 intensity, no RALY) 

  • 50% Standard Poodle | 50% Bernese Mountain Dog

  • COI 0%

Sonoran Jemma.JPG

Jemma is an ideal family companion! She is sweet natured, fun-loving, affectionate, and great with kids. She has a silky soft, wavy, low shedding coat. She is the half sister of our poodle, Terra. She lives with a Guardian family in the valley.

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