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F1 Bernedoodle

Shaded sable tuxedo

Height: 24-25"

Weight: 70-72lb

Health Testing:

  • Carrier 1 copy SOD1A DM via Embark

  • Clear SOD1b via parentage 

  • COI 0%

  • PennHIP (0.38 | 0.46) 

  • OFAs hip prelim rated Good

  • OFA elbow prelim Normal

  • OFA CAER/eyes Normal 

  • OFA heart, & patellas scheduled Jan '24

Additional Testing:

  • Color Panel/Coat Traits Tested Embark 
    (EE kyky ayat Bb SSp 7/10, F/I, +/-)

  • COI 0%


Harvey is the son of our foundation mama, Maeve. He is calm, confident, and cuddly, basically a real life teddy bear! He loves every single person that he meets. Harvey was almost the one who got away! He was actually sold to a pet home, but because he turned out SO amazing, I asked his family if they would allow us to health test him and use him as a stud for a small number of litters. Luckily for us, they agree that everyone needs a Harvey! 

Harvey is NOT available for outside stud services. 

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