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Sonoran Standard Doodles

Sonoran Standard Doodles is owned and operated by veterinarian, Dr. Jordy!

Dr. Jordy produces Bernedoodles & Golden Mountain Doodles in medium and standard size. Her primary goals for the program are health, temperament, genetic diversity, and low shedding coats. Dr. Jordy strives to make ideal family companions that are sweet natured, highly human focused, and easy to train! 

Our dogs are beloved family members first and foremost. Our breeding dogs either live with us or in a Guardian Home. All of our puppies are lovingly raised in our family home in New River, AZ. 

Our breeding dogs are thoroughly evaluated for temperament, structure, and are health tested prior to breeding. Health testing includes DNA testing for testable genetic diseases, but more importantly, every dog is also PennHIP tested and OFA tested to ensure their joints, heart, and eyes are healthy! 

Our puppies are raised on a curriculum, influenced by Badass Breeder, which includes socialization to children and other animals, as well as desensitization to sights, sounds, grooming, handling, and new experiences. 
We discourage puppy selection based solely on color or sex and we do not allow clients to choose their puppy prior to 7 weeks of age. Our litters are formally temperament tested by a KPA certified dog trainer. Test results are used to help guide families to select the puppy that best meets their preferences, needs, and lifestyle so that our 
matches last a lifetime! 

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