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Terra will be bred to Harvey for F1b Bernedoodles! 

Estimated Timeline:

TBD 2024

Estimated 45 - 65 pounds. Each pup comes with their own DNA test which helps to predicts size.


Color possibilities include tricolor and sable in black or brown. Puppies can have varying amounts of white from traditional tuxedo markings to parti. Color examples below. No reds.


The entire litter will be furnished (F/I or F/F) and we expect them all to be low to minimal shedding. Pups will have either wavy or curly coats. Each puppy comes with their own DNA test which helps us to predict coat type and shedding. 


Terra is fully health tested, including DNA, PennHIP and OFA hip prelims, OFA heart, eyes, and patellas. Harvey is scheduled for PennHIP and OFA testing prior to the breeding. Harvey carries 1 copy of SOD1A DM which poses no risk to puppies since Terra is clear.


We're expecting these pups to be incredible family companions. Harvey is lower energy, but confident and great with kids. Terra is medium energy, outgoing, friendly, and very smart. All pups will have temperament testing performed prior to pick day.

Price: TBD

**Please email if you'd like to be notified when we open this litter for reservations.** 

Until pregnancy is confirmed, all litters are TENTATIVELY planned. We love to plan up to a year in advance, but even the best laid plans sometimes go awry! Plans can change due to new information or opportunities, or sometimes due to mother nature not bending to our will! If we do not get a minimum number of reservations ahead of time we may elect to skip a heat so that we are not exceeding market demand. We will always do our best to keep clients updated if plans change. Thank you for your understanding.

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