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Terra will be bred to Tormund for a gorgeous intervariety AKC poodles!

Estimated Timeline

Fall 2023 

 Tormund is 25 pounds and 17.5" tall. Terra is 43 pounds and 24" tall. Most pups will likely fall somewhere between their sizes, but some may end up outside of this range, either above or below. Each pup will have an Embark test which estimates adult size based on DNA.


We are expecting phantom abstracts and phantom partis in black and brown. No reds. No creeping tan/RALY.
Ee kyky atat, Bb or BB or bb, Ssp or spsp. Pups will all test either 8/10 or 9/10 via Embark for intensity.


The entire litter will be fully furnished, non-shedding, and curly coated. Neither parent carries weak furnishings. 


Terra & Tormund both come from fully health tested lines. Both have clear DNA, PennHIP, OFA hip prelims rated GOOD, OFA eyes, OFA basic cardiac, and OFA patellas. Tormund is clear for CDDY/CDPA and has normal OFA elbow prelims.


These puppies will be great for active families who want a human focused and versatile dog. I expect them to be medium energy, sweet natured, and very smart! Both parents are confident and love meeting new people. 

Litter List:

1. Reserved 

2. Reserved 

3. Available

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6. Available

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