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Savvy & Kenai have given us 11 beautiful multigen bernedoodles! These pups are a little over 50% bernese.

There are 8 females & 3 males! 



DOB April 7, 2024

Pick day May 26th

Go Home Day June 2nd


 We expect most of these puppies to be 50-65 pounds at adulthood. Each puppy comes with an Embark DNA test which helps to predicts adult size. 


 Puppies can have either straight/loose waves (-/-), wavy (+/-), or curly (+/+) coats. The entire litter will be furnished. F/F coats will likely shed the least. F/I coats will be low to light shedding. A small number of pups may appear weakly furnished and it may take up to 12 months for those pups to get their furnishings in and they may shed lightly. (See past litter below)


 We chose Kenai as the stud for this litter because of his amazing temperament. He is lower energy, sweet natured, food motivated, and loves every person he meets. Savvy is absolutely brilliant, loyal, driven to please, and athletic. Every puppy will be temperament tested prior to placement. 


Both are health tested for DNA, PennHIP, OFA elbows, heart, and patellas. Savvy also has OFA hips and eyes. Kenai carries 1 copy of SOD1B DM (not tested via Embark) which poses no risk to puppies because Savvy is clear.


Litter List:

1. Reserved 

2. Reserved 

3. Reserved 

4. Reserved 

5. Reserved

6. Available

7. Available

8. Available

9. Available

10. Available

11. Available



  • male

  • trindle 

  • furnished, curly coat

  • Embark DNA pending

  • Temperament test pending


  • male

  • tricolor 

  • furnished, wavy coat

  • Embark DNA pending

  • Temperament test pending


  • male

  • tricolor parti 

  • furnished, wavy coat

  • Embark DNA pending

  • Temperament test pending