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Maeve's "Hollywoof" litter

Maeve has given us 7 bernedoodles for her retirement litter! All pups are sired by Kenai. Kenai is a multigen bernedoodle so his puppies are also be considered multigenerational bernedoodles. 


Birth Day September 11, 2023

Temperament test Oct. 28, 2023

Pick Day October 29, 2023

Go Home Sunday, November 5, 2023



We are estimating most of these pups to end up between 35-55 pounds at adulthood. Each pup has an Embark DNA test that helps to predict weight, but these tests often overestimate for standard size doodles. For example, Maeve's Embark predicted that she would be 56lb and she is actually 41-43lb. Kenai's Embark predicted 73lb and he is actually about 48-50lb. 


All pups are F/F (least shedding possible) and have wavy (+/-) or curly (+/+) coats.


  We are expecting all of these puppies to be smart, highly trainable, athletic, sweet-natured, versatile, family pets. Every puppy will be temperament tested prior to pick day at 7 weeks of age. 


Maeve has clear DNA, PennHIP, as well as OFA hips, eyes, and heart. 

Kenai has PennHIP, OFA elbow (prelims), as well as OFA heart and patellas.

Kenai carries 1 copy of SOD1b DM which poses no risk to puppies because Maeve is clear.


  • ON HOLD, pending pick up

  • Male Sable tuxedo

  • Furnished (F/F), lowest shed

  • Wavy coat (+/-)

  • 70.5% poodle | 29.5% berner

  • Embark est. 61lb 

  • Our est. 45-50lb

  • Embark DNA 



  • Female Tricolor

  • Furnished (F/F), lowest shed

  • Curly (+/+) coat 

  • 74.1% poodle | 25.9% berner

  • Embark est. 53lb

  • Our est 35-45lb 

  • Embark DNA 



  • Female Sable Tuxedo

  • Furnished (F/F), lowest shed

  • Wavy (+/-) coat 

  • 71.4% poodle | 26.8% Berner 

  • Embark est. 60lb

  • Our est 40-45lb 

  • Embark DNA