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Golden Mountain Doodle?

What's a

Golden Mountain Doodle Puppies

A Golden Mountain Doodle (GMD) is a doodle made up of three breeds,

the Poodle, the Bernese Mountain Dog, and the Golden Retriever

 Our primary goal in producing GMDs is TEMPERAMENTto create dogs well suited for service and therapy work, as well as ideal family companions.


We are carefully selecting for the best of each breed's traits:
the low shedding coat, intelligence, and longevity of the POODLE,
the calm and loyal demeanor of the BERNESE,
& the confidence and affability of the GOLDEN.


Golden Mountain Doodle coats can vary tremendouslyWe test all of our parent dog's coat genetics, as well as individual puppy genetics so that we can predict the coat type our pups will have at adulthood. Our goal for our program is to produce furnished (low to non-shedding) puppies with straight or wavy coats. We try not to produce curly coats because they require more maintenance and brushing.

We currently produce GMD puppies in medium and standard size. 

Although color is not our primary goal, we do aim to create tricolor puppies when possible. This is a uniquely challenging endeavor and requires in depth knowledge of color genetics to produce these gorgeous patterns in GMDs! We may also have some apricot abstract puppies. 


Our GMD puppies are raised with care, in our home, using a service dog curriculum. Each puppy comes with individual genetic testing through Embark and will be temperament tested prior to placement with families. Individual genetic testing allows us to better predict coat type and potential for shedding. Temperament testing helps us to match each puppy's personality, strengths, and weaknesses to the best family or "job"! We pride ourselves on providing a lot of information to our clients so that they can make educated and thoughtful decisions and so that these matches last a lifetime! 

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