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Vegas will be bred with our stud Marvel for multigenerational Golden Mountain Doodles aka Golden Bernedoodles! Each puppy will be approximately 31% Standard Poodle, 38.5% Bernese Mountain Dog, and 30.5% Golden Retriever. 

Estimated Timeline

Winter/Spring 2024 

We are expecting most of these pups to be standard size, 55 to 75
pounds at adulthood. Each puppy will come with their own Embark DNA which helps to estimate adult size.


Black and tan phantoms, black tricolors, & apricots with white. Examples of colors/patterns below.


The entire litter will be furnished (F/I) with Straight/Loose wavy coats (-/-). We expected them to be low to light shedding.


Vegas & Marvel both have full DNA testing, PennHIP, OFA hip prelim , OFA elbow prelim, as well as OFA eyes, heart, and patella. 


 I expect these puppies to have INCREDIBLE temperaments, be highly human focused, affectionate, confident, and lower to medium on energy spectrum. All pups will be temperament tested prior to pick day to help match them with their families. 

Pet or Service/Therapy Prospect Price: $3,500

Breeding rights are not available for this litter. 

Litter List: 

1. Reserved

2. Reserved

3. Reserved

4. Reserved

5. Reserved

6. Available



Vegas & Marvel

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