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Vegas will be bred to two sires for this litter to increase her chances of conception.
Due to her fertility issues in the past, if she does not get pregnant this time she will be spayed. 

Each puppy will have only one sire, but we could end up with a litter from only one or both sires.

Each puppy will come with their own Embark DNA which will confirm paternity. 

Vegas is about 70lb, Tormund is 25lb, and Marvel is 58lb. Any puppies sired by Tormund will more likely be medium size, 40-60lb, while any puppies sired by Marvel will likely be standard size, 50-70lb.  


Black and tan phantoms, black tricolors, apricots & apricot with white are possible


The entire litter will be single furnished (F/I) and we  expected them to be low shedding.

Tormund's pups would have wavy (+/-) coats and Marvel's pups would have looser waves (-/-). 


Vegas, Tormund & Marvel are all thoroughly health tested including DNA, PennHIP, OFA hips , elbows, eyes, heart, and patellas.


 I expect these puppies to have to be highly human focused, affectionate, confident, and medium on the energy spectrum. All pups will be temperament tested prior to pick day to help match them with their families. 


Due to Vegas' trouble getting pregnant in the past, we are not taking deposits until we confirm Vegas is pregnant via ultrasound. Please let us know if you're interested in being notified when we open the litter for deposits! 

We plan on keep at least one of these pups for our program and are accepting guardian home applications for families who live in the Phoenix metropolitan area! 



The Parents

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